Neonatal Resuscitation Protocol NRP 2015 AHA

Last modified: Sunday, October 18, 2015
American Heart Association the consensus organisation governing Neonatal resuscitation has released its 2015 Revision this October , 2015.
It keeps updating.

This Version has added 
  1. The previous 30 sec assessment for HR and respiration has been omitted and a direct 60 sec ' golden minute' has been introduced.
  2. Delayed cord clamping for aleast 30 sec in all babies not requiring resuscitation.
  3. ECG lead attachment preferred over Cord pulsation or Heart sounds.
  4. Temperature monitoring has been encouraged.
  5. During resuscitation, 21% oxygen is used in term and 21-30% is used in preterm.
  6. The Significant change is even in non vigorous newborns, endotracheal suction is not indicated and routine NRP is followed which in 2010 had different algorithm for vigorous and non-vigorous babies.
  7. Laryngeal mask airway has been introduced to Neonatal Resuscitation Protocol.

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