The Newborn Book - Janelle Aby : Review

Last modified: Monday, January 5, 2015

I happened to be one of the lucky people to receive a Complimentary copy of this book " The Newborn Book" by Dr Janelle L. Aby . Well I am forgetting this fact for a while and I am writing a Sincere review of this book.

" The Newborn Book" has focused on 'the Significance of Physical Findings in the Neonate' which by far is the first book of its kind.
We are well known to Books like Avery, Roberton, Also Meherban Singh and Cloherty are equally popular in our institutes. All excellent books that have elaborated on the Disease and Management protocols in newborn.

This book particularly is a Basic for every pediatrician, neonatologist and wanna be people. The book is an Atlas of all physical findings in newborn with collections of best photos of such findings. It has an elaborate column on all sorts of findings we may encounter in our nurseries and Outpatient doors , seen commonly even in well babies. Most often we miss findings in newborn and often we are perplexed by findings we have never seen before in any books. I think this book is an answer to this gap that been seen. It can be even used as reference in such cases.Along with the photos, there are useful description and management plan as well.

The content includes
- Prenatal USG findings- commonly encountered conditions
-General Characteristics
- Findings from Head to Toe- Body part wise including Rare findings ( many of which we may have encounter and ignored)
-Body fluids and substances.

What is Good about the book?
1. Simple and concise topics - 250 neonatal findings
2. Excellent photo galleries of findings ( Kind of like Kanski )- 600+ full color photographs
3. Well referenced writings
4. Reviewed by great people
5. The Quality of the book is top-class including design and paper quality

Most importantly the Author is a well-experienced pediatrician indulged in academics.

I believe that This book is one Every Library in Medical college will eventually have and most Pediatrician and Neonatologist will have in near future, as I see this will be one of the best references in Neonatology. We must be able to know and identify findings before proceeding to management part.

As this is the first edition, there might be still rooms for improvement. More topics can be included and book can be made broader and longer , so as to make it more attractive and atlas like.

You can Visit for more details and in case you want to keep a copy of it.

Hope you benefited from my review. I am still going through topics in the book, as I am keen in Neonatology and actually I am already into my interest in my Hospital.
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  1. Looks like a good book to me. Is it available in India?


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